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Why is Teaching Pilates Like Improv?

You often hear the advice from Pilates mentors and educators to ‘go with the flow’ and ‘cue the body you see in front of you’. The first time that I have come across the real meaning of cuing the body in front of you was teaching my first mat class. It was a one-to-one class […]

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Pilates Story – Rebecca Zhu, Polestar Practitioner based in Shanghai

I was so happy when Rebecca Zhu, a pilates instructor I was training with on a one-to-one basis when I was living in Shanghai, agreed to be featured on my blog. She definitely plays a role in my decision to train and attain my comprehensive certification from Polestar Pilates that I’m currently loving every minute of it. What struck […]

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Why is Pilates so Good for Tennis Players?

Running and tennis were my two favorite sports. I have written a post on why Pilates is so good for runners, and I am following up with a sequel about why Pilates is so good for tennis players. I highly recommend tennis players to include Pilates as part of their exercise repertoire. Whether you’re a […]

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Pilates Story – Robyn Rix, Owner of Pilates Works in Sydney, Australia

Here is another addition to the Pilates Stories series. In this blog post, we are featuring Robyn Rix, the owner of Pilates Works in Sydney, Australia. I used take weekly practice sessions with my Pilates mentor at Robyn’s studio and also had the privilege to teach Mat Pilates classes there as well when I was living in Sydney. What stood out […]

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Another Pilates Story – Rocío Herrero García from bePilates London

I met Rocio while attending a reformer class at bePilates on Chiltern Street in Marylebone, London. It is the host studio for Balanced Body Pilates Training. Rocio and I chatted about running and marathon training, and the benefits of Pilates for runners, and the ways to score an entry for the New York Marathon. 1) How did you […]

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Happy Pilates Day!

Each year on the first Saturday in May, the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) celebrates Pilates Day. The mission is to foster the public’s appreciation and awareness of the Pilates Method. My little contribution to the mission by sharing six reasons why Pilates is so good for you. 1) Good Posture Pilates targets the muscles that are in […]

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Top 5 Teaching Tools for New Pilates Instructors

I came across an article on Pilates Pro with top five teaching tools for new Pilates instructors that I thought will be interesting to share. http://pilates-pro.com/pilates-pro/2008/2/14/top-five-teaching-tools-for-new-instructors.html My favourite is “Repeat Repeat Repeat” which brings back to my previous blog post that covered the differences between Pilates and Yoga.  Pilates classes are generally more structured than Yoga classes. Do not be […]

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An Essential Reading for All Pilates Instructors

I wanted to share an essential guide book for Pilates that all instructors should read and own. Pilates Anatomy by Rael Isacowitz and Karen Clippenger It has a step by step guide to the execution of over 45 mat exercises. What I really like about the book is the illustrations of the targeted and accompanying […]

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Sharing a Pilates Story from Polestar UK

I came across this interview and thought it will be great to share. A great insight from the article is the experience of teaching clients who have not done Pilates before and the need to find cues that make sense for them and not get carried away with the anatomical terms. It is normal to […]