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Health Benefits of Pilates

I came across this article on about the health benefits of Pilates and tips for beginners. It has a comprehensive list of reasons and explanation of the benefits for someone who is new to Pilates. The question that I get most is how is Pilates different from Yoga which I have  covered in my previous blog post.

In this article, the author Jen Miller from Jen Reviews, looks at 16 benefits of Pilates. For me, the one thing that stuck out is number 12: Pilates can bring improved self awareness.

The importance of self awareness applies to more than just fitness. I have covered the importance of self awareness in our lives in my other blog.

It is key for us to have a better understanding of ourselves and as a result, be empowered to make changes and build on our areas of strength as well as identify areas where we would like to make improvements.

In the case of Pilates, being aware of the tiny muscles that you use for movements in pilates will make you more aware of them during the time that you are you are not practicing pilates so you can gauge how well or not well they are functioning, which will help prevent injury.

Below is the summary of the 16 benefits, and many of them are so important for simple functions in our daily lives.

  1. Pilates improves flexibility 
  2. Pilates increases strength 
  3. Pilates increases core strength 
  4. Pilates is safe for rehabilitation 
  5. Pilates increases circulation 
  6. Pilates increases lung health 
  7. Pilates improves concentration 
  8. Pilates increases coordination 
  9. Pilates improves balance 
  10. Pilates improves posture
  11. Pilates lowers stress
  12. Pilates can bring increased self awareness
  13. Pilates can prevent injury
  14. Pilates can improve your brain health
  15. Pilates fight insomnia 
  16. Pilates increases energy

To read the full article, here’s the link https://www.jenreviews.com/pilates/

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