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Sharing a Pilates Story from Polestar UK

I came across this interview and thought it will be great to share.

A great insight from the article is the experience of teaching clients who have not done Pilates before and the need to find cues that make sense for them and not get carried away with the anatomical terms.

It is normal to find it challenging to move from teaching a group of students training to become instructors who know what they are doing, to stepping up into the real world teaching people who do not know much about Pilates or have never done it before.

Quote from the interview:
“When I first started teaching Pilates to other people, it was to other Polestar students. That was a great way to start because they knew what they were doing! 

When I started teaching people who had not done Pilates before it was more challenging. I couldn’t help but become a lot more aware of the words coming out of my mouth and whether they made sense in a more general way. Some of the more anatomical cues I would give wouldn’t resonate with clients… it was a big learning curve for me.”
Here’s the link to the interview – http://pilatestrainingcourses.co.uk/polestar-uk-interviews-sam-walters-polestar-pilates-practitioner/

Hope you’ll learn something from it.

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