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Top 5 Teaching Tools for New Pilates Instructors

I came across an article on Pilates Pro with top five teaching tools for new Pilates instructors that I thought will be interesting to share. http://pilates-pro.com/pilates-pro/2008/2/14/top-five-teaching-tools-for-new-instructors.html

My favourite is “Repeat Repeat Repeat” which brings back to my previous blog post that covered the differences between Pilates and Yoga.  Pilates classes are generally more structured than Yoga classes. Do not be afraid to repeat the same exercises until the clients have perfected them. The clients will actually benefit from practicing the same exercises for weeks, as they will learn to deepen their mind-body connection while moving.

Summary of the Top Five Tools

1) Avoid Overuse of Props
The props should be used to assist a client in their awareness and body connection. It should not be used for every exercise as a replacement when struggling with cues to help the client understand the right muscle engagement and movement for the exercise.

2) Balance is Your Mantra 
Do not over emphasize flexion and cover all movements (including stabilization, extension and rotation) in different planes. Balance should be the key and do not fall into the trap of defaulting to the exercises that are easier to teach e.g. it is easier to get clients to feel their abdominals while rolling up and down than performing a leg circle.

3) Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
Do not give the clients too many different exercises in fear that they might be bored. The client will benefit from repeating the same exercises and deepen their mind-body connection while moving.

4) Be Authoritative and Friendly
The most important quality that a new instructor should have is confidence. Be professional and focused, and do not let the session turn into a social gathering. Take charge of the class and take control of the pace and flow of the session.

5) Never Stop Learning
Keep yourself motivated and not burnt out. If you are truly passionate about Pilates, you will never stop learning. Read my previous blog post on how Pilates is a never ending learning journey.

Hope you will find this article useful 🙂

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