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Another Pilates Story – Rocío Herrero García from bePilates London

I met Rocio while attending a reformer class at bePilates on Chiltern Street in Marylebone, London. It is the host studio for Balanced Body Pilates Training.

Rocio and I chatted about running and marathon training, and the benefits of Pilates for runners, and the ways to score an entry for the New York Marathon.

1) How did you first come across Pilates?
I had an injury from running. Well, I wasn’t running properly and my tensor fascia latae (TFL) was very tight. I ended up with pain in my knee, and had to go through an X-ray to determine the cause, and that was when I was first introduced to practice Pilates.

2) What is your favorite Pilates exercise?
It is funny, everybody hates it. My favorite is the hundred.

3) How long have you been practicing Pilates? How long have you been teaching?
I have been practicing for around 5 years and have been teaching for over a year.

4) What were you doing before your started teaching Pilates?
I was a waitress.

5) What was your first paid Pilates teaching job? How did you land yourself in that position?
Through a friend, I got a covering class. For just £20 an hour, but it was very worth it as I started to feel more confident.

6) How did you feel when you taught your first class?
I was completely nervous!

7) What was the first mistake you made teaching Pilates?
I mixed up the springs for the reformer machine and the breathing pattern for some exercises.

8) Who did you train and attain your certification with? What is the point of differentiation of this school of training?
I started and trained with Stott Pilates. I don’t think it is very different from other contemporary Pilates.

9) Where do you see yourself in two years’ time?
Uff, I don’t really know, it is a long time away. I am sure I will be teaching, practicing and learning more and more.

10) What reading or resources do you use to further your own Pilates learning?
I keep going to different Pilates classes and 1-on-1 classes for myself. I think is the best way to learn. I also continue taking courses.

11) What do you do to maintain your own fitness?
I don’t really think about maintaining my own fitness. Everything that I do is because I enjoy doing it. Obviously I practice Pilates, I cycle around London, run and hike (this is my favorite, though I can’t do as much I would like to).

12) What advice would you give a newly qualified Pilates instructor?
Be yourself, enjoy and get ready for a long journey because you will never stop learning.


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