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Do you feel like a fraud Pilates instructor?

Happy Friday! A follow up to my last post on whether you’re ready to become a Pilates instructor. It is common to have fear that we don’t know enough and can’t be a good instructor if you can’t do all the exercises perfectly! I came across a post and video from Wake Up Cloud that reaffirms […]

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Are You Ready to Become a Pilates Instructor?

If you are looking at embarking on a Pilates journey to become a certified instructor, here’s a great article to help you decide. Personally, I think having the passion and deep interest in Pilates is the prerequisite, and the next most important thing is interest in helping others. http://pilates.about.com/od/becomingandinstructor/a/Teacher-Quest.htm Summary of five key questions: 1) […]

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The Pilates Hundred Breathing Pattern – 5/5 vs 4/6?

The Pilates Hundred is the signature and the first exercise of the classical Pilates mat sequence presented in Joseph Pilates book, Return to Life Through Contrology.Personally, I love the Hundred as it challenges your core stability since you have to maintain a constant position of spinal flexion while holding your legs off the mat and […]

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A horizontal jumping machine? The Pilates Jumpboard!

I went to a Pilates Jumpboard reformer class at Moss Pilates and it is an amazing way to get your heart rate up while lying horizontal, and it’s also very low impact for people with knee issues. Really enjoyed the class as an addition to the usual reformer repertoire! What is a Jumpboard class and 5 […]

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Fascia – The “Cinderella” Tissue

Do you have an injury that you simply can’t shake? The answer might just be Fascia that Tom Myers, a leader in the world of anatomy and movement referred to as the “Cinderella Tissue”. People have ignored it for many years. I have been practising this amazing Fascia stretch on a daily basis, and have already seen […]

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First Pilates Story – Lucinda Pepper from Pepilates London

The first Pilates Story featuring Lucinda Pepper from Pepilates London (http://www.pepilates.co.uk). A very inspiring story about how she started her business by taking a loan and starting out in the spare room in her own home! If you can dream it, you can do it! How did you first come across Pilates? At dance school […]

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Decisions Decisions!

I have been looking for a studio to further my Pilates training in London, and found that there are so many options and can be rather overwhelming. After much research online and visits to the different studios, I have compiled this information that may be useful for anyone who is looking at options for Pilates […]

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Pilates or Yoga?

Many people often ask about the difference between Pilates and Yoga. As an instructor, it will be useful to have an elevator pitch when asked that question. At the end of the day, it’s not so much about pilates vs yoga. It all boils down to an individual’s preference. We are all different. You need […]