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A horizontal jumping machine? The Pilates Jumpboard!

I went to a Pilates Jumpboard reformer class at Moss Pilates and it is an amazing way to get your heart rate up while lying horizontal, and it’s also very low impact for people with knee issues. Really enjoyed the class as an addition to the usual reformer repertoire!

What is a Jumpboard class and 5 reasons to take one!

Great article from http://pilates.top5.com/5-reasons-to-take-a-jumpboard-class/

1) Get your heart rate up while laying down

Doing cardio in the same position you sleep in.

2) Low impact

It is joint friendly while getting the same benefits of a high impact workout.

3) Abtastic

Your abdominals will need to work overtime.

4) Floating form

You can really concentrate on your form in the air as you have more hang time after your feet leave the Jumpboard.

5) Calorie burn

Your largest muscle group doing most of the work plus the cardio element equal a mega calorie burn.


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