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Are You Ready to Become a Pilates Instructor?

If you are looking at embarking on a Pilates journey to become a certified instructor, here’s a great article to help you decide. Personally, I think having the passion and deep interest in Pilates is the prerequisite, and the next most important thing is interest in helping others.


Summary of five key questions:

1) Are you a people person?
Pilates is a very interactive exercise. You need to be fully present to engage with your students.

2) Do you like to teach?
It’s not about you and how good you are at Pilates. Beyond doing, it’s about how focused you can be on your students.

3) Are you attracted to the deeper philosophies of the Pilates method?
You have to fully internalize the principles of Pilates and the mind/body connection.

4) Are you interested in anatomy, physiology, and the inner workings of the body?
I was in a classical class last Saturday and one of the advice given by the instructor was if you want to be a really good Pilates instructor, you need to know the human anatomy well, and how each and every muscle work in order to be able to understand and teach each exercise well.

5) Are you self-motivated?
Most Pilates instructors are freelancers or operate like a small business entrepreneur. You need the drive to build your career or business.

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